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Our mission is to maintain internationally recognised standards of competence and commitment in protective security for the public benefit and to certify qualified practitioners in the field as
Chartered Security Professionals. 

The Register of Chartered Security Professionals

The Gold Standard in Security Practice

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"Becoming a Chartered Security Professional is a means of being recognised and continuing to represent the highest standards and ongoing proficiency. It is the gold standard of competence in security."



The Register of Chartered Security Professionals was established under a Royal Charter issued to the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals in the UK and launched in 2011.  Registrants use CSyP as a post nominal and are called Chartered Security Professionals.

Chartered Security Professionals comply with a Code of Professional Conduct, and complete Continuous Professional Development each year. As strategic thought-leaders in the security sector, they share their knowledge and influence for the benefit of business and public alike.


CSyP Applicant


I realised that although I had been in the industry for many years, I did not have anything tangible to validate my experience and so, I actively researched my options and set myself a road map with CSyP at the pinnacle. I identified CSyP as the highest global recognition of achievement available to security practitioners and I set about obtaining the requisite milestones to achieve CSyP.  




Peter Page, Chartered Security Professional (CSyP)


CSyP Competencies

Every Chartered Security Professional has competence in these five areas:

  • Security Knowledge

  • Practical Application

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Personal Commitment


They have proven they meet the required standards in all five of these disciplines.

In addition and most vitally each CSyP is also making a strategic impact in their chosen field, and it is the combination of all of the above together with their drive and commitment that sets them apart.

List of Competency Examples

Security Knowledge

Practical Application

Personal Commitment

Competence A: Security Knowledge

Use a combination of specialist and generalist security knowledge and understanding to optimise the employment of existing and emerging methods and technologies 

How to apply

All applications are handled electronically - either submit your application by email or save your files to an icloud storage and notify

Before you submit your application, please read and make sure you will be able to comply with the Code of Professional Conduct 

​You will need to submit these things:

​In addition you should think about including examples of your work, letters of support, awards, published articles or presentations - anything which you believe will help the assessors understand the unique skill set you bring to the Register, and the strategic level at which you work. We recommend you do not submit more than six pieces of evidence.

​Our panel of assessors would be happy to guide and help you prepare for application - contact us if you would like to speak to someone. Alternatively you may prefer to attend one of our Application Workshops.

During the application we will be undertaking screening and social media checks.

Applications from retired members of the profession who are no longer actively practicing security are very welcome. In this case participating in the annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme is not required.  

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