Do I have to belong to the Institute to apply?

No, the Register of Chartered Security Professionals is open to everyone. No further membership is needed, although belonging to the  WCoSP, Institute, ASIS UK or other reputable security organisation will support an application.

Do my qualifications count How can I check?

Please call us to discuss, or submit your application as an Expression of Interest. This will allow us to give you some useful written feedback and start the assessment process.

Most of my evidence is client specific and I can’t share it. What can I do?

All the assessors who see your application are CSyPs and bound by the Professional Code of Ethics. Anything you submit will not be discussed outside of processing your application, and can be destroyed once your application process has completed. Please don’t jeopardise your clients or your own integrity, but if you can share examples of the type of work you do and the level at which you work that is really useful. You will have an opportunity to discuss this further at your professional interview.

I can't get to London for an interview. Does that rule me out?

No, we're able to offer professional interviews in London, the Midlands and the North of England, and also in Dubai. If none of these locations are feasible for you to attend, then we will look at video conferencing. However we really do prefer a face to face interview wherever possible as we think this is the fairest way for applicants to express themselves and share their knowledge and passion. 

How long does an application take?

It varies depending on the calibre of the application you submit (the more thorough it is, the easier it is for us to process) also on whether you make a Standard (ie. With a degree) or Individual application. Finally, we need to make sure we have the right assessors available for you when it is time for your professional interview particularly if you have a specialist security role, so that we can be fair and understand the points you are making. The quickest turnaround time has been 4 weeks, the longest over a year.

What’s the difference between being a Fellow of the Institute and a CSyP?

Both are prestigious titles and recognised in security circles as being a benchmark of professionalism. Fellowship of the Institute gives you access to all the benefits that membership of an organisation brings, such as a range of CPD opportunities, professional development support, networking, news etc. CSyP is an independent verification of your competency skill set and confirms that you are making a strategic impact in your role. It is more like a qualification. Most CSyPs choose to also have Fellowship.